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Foreign exchange rates (also known as Forex, or FX) is the rate at which you can exchange one currency for another. For building a customer base, it is critical to attract new customers and turn existing customers into loyal advocates. One of the greatest rewards any business can show is when an existing customer brings in new ones for you.
A FX promotion can be applied to an exchange rate to attract new customers and reward the loyal ones. A fx cart based promotion is applied on a line item of the cart.
Behind the scenes, we use the price ladder technology to calculate and boost exchange rates. We offer a fully customisable price ladder to delight your customers with better exchange rates while managing risk.
Below is an example price ladder to boost AUD/INR rates for customers. Say the current AUD/INR exchange rate is 50.2500. If the amount is $100, the new exchange rate is 51.7575 or if the amount is $4500, the new exchange rate is 50.5013.
To understand what kind of promotion would work best for you, here’s a rundown of the different types of promotions.

Rate Boost

Rate boost is one of the most popular types of promotions. This is a percentage-based promotion and indicates that exchange rate has been increased for the transfer. (e.g. "Send $5,000 and get a boosted exchange rate" or "Sign up now and get a boosted exchange rate")

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