Shopping Cart Promotions

A promotion is a tried and tested way to ramp up your sales, acquire new customers, and take advantage of seasonal opportunities. A cart based promotion is applied on a line item or the total value of the cart. To understand what kind of promotion would work best for you, here’s a rundown of the different types of promotions.


Discount is one of the most popular types of promotions. This can be a percentage-based discount (e.g. "30% off" or "Spend $200, get 10% off.") or dollar value discount(e.g. "$20 off" or "Spend $200, get $20 off." or "Free shipping")


Cashback is promotion where a fixed amount or percentage(e.g. Earn 2% cashback for total under $100) of the amount spent is paid back to the customer.

Loyalty Points

Loyalty points encourage consumers to have a connection to a particular brand and encourage repeat business. Our loyalty wallet makes it easy to track, exchange and redeem your points.

Cash Bonus

Cash bonus is a special type of promotion designed to give customers a chance to earn bonuses (e.g. $100 cash bonus for spend above $3000).

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