Automate promotions based on customer segments and events

A market segment represents a group of consumers with common interests. Events identifies key events in the customer and business lifecycle. Combining segments and events, we can automate targeted promotional strategies.

Here are some examples of segments you can create

  • Customers who spent less than $100 in the last 3 months
  • Customers who visited your site in the last 2 weeks
  • Customers who transacted more than 5 times in a year

Here are some examples of events

  • New customer transaction
  • New customer signup
  • Cart inactivity

Create Customer Segment

By identifying characteristics and events from your customers, you can learn about your customers on a deeper level so you can tailor your content to their unique needs. You can layer conditions that allow for different combinations of data you’ve collected and we will automatically update the segment with the latest data.

Customer Events

customer event

Customer Traits

customer traits

Add Notifications

Create targeted promotions to resonate with and convert segments of customers. Example, if you have a sale coming up for your store, try sending a notification that says something like, “Flash Sale! 24 hours only”.


customer event


customer event

Automate Schedule

Schedule notifications with their triggering condition in advance. Send notifications real-time or after a few days to impact your customer’s buying experience.



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