What's stack.promo

Good promotion strategies develop brand recognition while creating a relationship with customers. We help businesses create and manage promotions without worrying about the complexity of building different promotion types. Our platforms do the heavy lifting and help businesses reduce time to market.

Types of Promotions


Cart Based Promotion

Fixed Amount Percentage


Cart Based Promotion

Fixed Amount Percentage

Loyalty Points

Cart Based Promotion

Fixed Amount Percentage

Cash Bonus

Cart Based Promotion

Fixed Amount Percentage

Referral Bonus

Code Based Promotion

Fixed Amount

Sign Up Bonus

Code Based Promotion

Fixed Amount

Advantages to Customers

Discover Latest Promotions

A central place to discover all rewards and promotions.

Accumulate Points and Rewards

At the end of the purchase, rewards and promotions are automatically credited to your wallet.

Spend Rewards

With rewards wallet at your fingertips, it's easy to view and spend the earned rewards.

Advantages to Businesses

Instant Loyalty and Rewards Program

Reward your customers for their actions with a variety of customizable promotions.

Access to Latest Type of Promotions

Promotions types are always changing and we work hard to implement them.

Visualise Liability and Risk

An intuitive user interface to better understand how to identify liability, manage risk and create robustness.

Personalized Pricing

Delight customers with tailored discount offers on different categories.

Instant Search results

Our simple REST APIs are built for speed and scalability. They can serve promotion results within fractions of a second.

Know Your Customers

View returning customers’ reward history in a quick glance and provide a more personalized experience.

Integrate, Personalize, Automate

Connecting Businesses to Customers with Rewards and Loyalty Program

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