1. Connect your platform

Getting started is easy. It only takes a few minutes to get a stack.promo account. stack.promo account is a free account that lets you create, manage and monitor your promotions. Once you're done, you'll be able to start testing and building with our API right away. Integration high-level

2. Design promotions customers love to open

We offer multiple promotion types like discounts, cashbacks, referral bonus and many more. You can fill in the promotion details and launch the promotion in a single click. You can personalize every step of the customer journey from first interaction to lasting connection. The possibilities are endless.
sample promotion code
sample promotion cart

Hi David,
Save big and earn big when you shop with us.

Discount - $15 (2/2)
Cashback - 10% (1/2)
Loyalty Points - 5000 (1/4)

Hi Ben,
Save big and earn big when you shop with us.

Discount - $5 (1/2)
Cashback - 20% (2/2)
Referral Bonus - $20 (5/5)

3. Analyse and optimise your promotion

Once the promotions are deployed, they are immediately available to your customers. Our platform helps to fine-tune performance and minimise risk of promotion liability exposure.

Risk Summary

Risk Summary

Promotion Performance

Promotion Performance

Integrate, Personalize, Automate

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